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Rhythm Rolling in Craps

The swing motion and release in dice control entail a necessary body rhythm. This is what we need to have through rigorous practice.

Craps expert Sharpshooter says that if we could just manage a single dice shoot in each 43 we do we would not only reducing but ridding the house advantage to effect a balanced game. Sharpshooter authors a book where he discussed how to estimate the significance of a rhythmic roll to produce sevens to rolls ratio or SRR. A seven is calculated to appear once in a throw of 6 rolls, called an SRR of 6. This is how the house advantage is computed.

If in 42 shoots we roll 7 times the number 7, that's still an SRR of 6. But, if we just insert one systematic rhythmic roll so that we have 7 appearing 7 times in 43, we alter the SRR to 6.14. This SRR alteration is conclusive enough to upset the house advantage on the bets 6 and an 8. And this can be done with a smooth rhythmic roll with the right delivery procedure. Sharpshooter, Frank Scoblete, Dominator, Burton, among others, teach the skill through seminars.

A few tips for a smooth rhythm rolling in craps are the posture, mindset, and ease of the overall execution. Posture also has to do with positioning. Remember that we need to have the body as close to the table as possible without compromising balance. The arms should also be close to the table, with the hands just slightly above it. We may lean on the table a bit for a comfortable leverage. Then as we swing the forearm gently we may extend the arms to a full reach as we release the dice from our grip. The grip should be gentle but firm enough to hold the dice setting in the hand.

As we do al the motions, it is important to have a calm mindset. There should be no emotion in the process (wanting to win very badly is a minus factor here), and focus should be on doing everything naturally. It is also vital that we are not disrupted by anything; hence, it's important that a partner or assistant do the betting for us, if possible. With a calm mindset is the overall ease with which everything is executed. There should be no second thoughts or reluctance about the release for this would upset the rhythm.

Rhythm rolling in craps certainly takes practice. Remember: the house edge can be upset with successful systematic throws.


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