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Benefiting from Other Dice Rhythm Rollers

It takes extra effort to be dice rhythm rollers, and another extra effort to be doing real and live rhythm dice rolling in a casino. It would be advantageous to use the skill of another rhythm roller for our benefit.

Looking for real systematic rollers and using them to our advantage could more than double our winnings without much effort. It's something like duplicating ourselves by looking for someone at the table who really has the skill and betting on the player. In one real example, a 20-unit chips buy ended up being a whopping 340 units after just about half an hour of craps play.

Equally important in craps is clear thinking when deciding the bets. It would be hard to focus on a throw and at the same time manage bets. This is where dice throwing skills are often unexploited because bets are neglected in favor of systematic throws. The remedy here is to look for another skilled thrower and use the player while we manage well our bets on the player. However, we have to be ourselves a skilled thrower to be able to identify one. It takes one to know one.

When looking for dice rhythm rollers we need to look for the following traits in players. Expert shooters who know what they're doing with the dice at the table always begin shooting with dice setting in the hand. Random shooters would shake the dice in their closed fists, even blow at it for luck as in the movies, but such style induces random results. Systematic rhythmic rolling starts with dice setting in the hand, so watch out for players who do this.

Then we check the player's throwing rhythm. A systematic thrower doesn't use a multitude of throwing styles. The player remains consistent with his grip, posture, form, and throwing motions. It is important to keep to the form and procedure of throwing that makes good dice results and creates a hot craps table. The systematic thrower is also particular about the dice set in use. Brand new and crisp dice pieces are conducive to dice rhythmic rollers.

The above traits are some of the signs of dice rhythmic rollers. Once we spot players with the above play characteristics we may choose to bet on the player. We let the player do all the dice controlling while we do all the best bet management we can for a profitable craps session. Others may call this job delegation for more efficiency.


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