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The Challenging Remote Craps Dice Control

Practicing craps dice control at home is very different than when we are in a live casino setting. The culture shock may prove quite disturbing.

At a casino craps table the atmosphere is mostly lively, noisy, and intimidating. Once we take our turn to shoot, there may be players who would bet against us and show support for such bet a bit obviously. Hence, no matter how well we may have practiced at home, dice control may be a world different in casinos than in a home setting.

It's no use being snobbish at a craps table. The game is quite a social one. And since cheerers are ever-present we may as well get them cheering on our side. Hence, we should be sociable. We may find it difficult at times not to interact with people at the table. And it's best we do. When it's our turn to shoot, we'd be better off having supporters cheering than counter-cheering us. Remember that when we're shooting the dice, it means the rest are betting. Most bet on the shooter. When we, the shooter, win, they also win.

When somebody else shoots, we bet and cheer. However, we may bet against the shooter and go against the tide. When we do this, we appear obvious because ours might be the lone anti-shooter bet. And because most players bet on the shooter, our anti-shooter bet means we also bet against the crowd. But it's a democracy, and we may bet which ever way we want. Just remember not to cheer the shooter when our bet is against the same.

Now here's the harder part. Although we aren't shooting, we may have control of the dice through remote control. Remote craps dice control is when we counter the cheering with a look of doubt or non-confidence before the shooter. We don't cheer against the shooter; we just stand back there where the shooter can take notice and do our silent act of tacitly discouraging the shooter through our cold appearance.

If the shooter has trained in psyche-war as well and not just dice control, he may overcome our disturbing silence. But if not (which is likely), our remote control dice-throwing may prove effective. The shooter may have trouble focusing on his grip, motion, and release. Note that our anti-shooter bet alone can appear very disturbing.

If we're not the dice roller, dice control may still be possible with remote craps dice control. We just have to project a disturbing silence.


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