Information about Craps and Dice

Dice and Tables in Craps Dice Control

In particular, craps dice and table types are crucial in the success of dice control execution. The relationship between dice and table is decisive in craps dice control.

Most casinos believe in the effect of dice pieces. That's why they have new sets readily available and change dice pieces regularly. They won't do this if they don't think that the dice make and quality do not affect their edge. Casinos will go to any extent just to protect their advantage—and of course to perpetrate fair play for all. So another tip actually is to watch what casinos are doing as a precaution, and this will tell us volumes of what affects the house advantage. And one is dice pieces.

Actually, playing with new and crisp dice sets is not only good for the casino, but for us dice controllers, as well. Some would think that old, worn out dice pieces—or even those slightly used—would be better for dice controller. Most dice controllers prefer brand new dice, with their well-defined edges and corners. After all, if we want dice control precision, we need precise and sharp tools to do it with. We don't think accurate results can be done with inaccurate tools, do we?

Brand new dice pieces are easier to grip gently, they stay the way they are set in the hand due to the grip from their pointed edges, and interact well against the felt. The sharp edges against the felt make for good stoppers to minimize rolling motions and limit dice movements. With rounded edges more rolling motions are produced—it's almost like throwing balls on the table.

Also be careful with the tables we choose to play at. Different craps tables produce dissimilar bounce effects. Even if they have the same designs there still can't be two perfectly identical tables. Aside from this, there are different dice pieces used. Though dice makes are uniformly manufactured and carefully chosen, yet there's no telling how each of them would perform on different tables. More so in different casinos.

Hence, with new tables, we shoot a few rolls with mere minimum wagers first, to test the waters, as it were. Or watch the dice as others shoot. Take note how the dice react with the table and the length of motions they take before they stop, in relation to the way players throw. Dice and table considerations are too important to ignore in craps dice control.


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