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External Factors That Affect Craps Dice Control

craps dice control is a great skill to have and profitable to use at a craps table. But there are things outside a dice controller that affects the skill. We should take note of them before trying any dice control prowess.

Craps tables have felt covering. Felt quality is a big factor in dice control. In most cases, the older it is the better they are for our dice control. The main idea here is not really the felt quality per se but that we want less dice movements as possible. Most old (but not worn out) felts have been observed to have less bouncing effect on the dice. Some casinos realize this and change table felts every month. If we prefer old felts, it's probably best to play craps a week before a month expires.

Check for padding beneath the felt. We need softer padding that will create minor bounces for the dice. Felts over marble tables are no good. The ones over wood are good, the ones on wood with soft padding are better. To check, just gently press a finger on the felt and feel it. We don't have to dent it heavily. Or check how the dice bounce off it or how it sounds.

Then we note the length of the craps table. Twelve feet long should be just right. Some are longer. Now, don't ask for longer ones to be changed. Just take note of the length and adjust dice control accordingly. Our lean on the table when releasing the dice is proportionate to the length of the table. The rule is that the dice should travel as short a distance as possible after being released from our hand and hitting the other end of the table and the pyramid wall.

The thing in dice throwing is to make as many as possible within an hour. So aside from craps dice control, we should be practical and look for tables with fewer players. This would increase the potential of our dice control. With many players, our turns would be fewer and our dice control limited. But crowded tables also have their value in terms of finding other systematic rollers. With lots of them around, we may bet on them as we wait for our turn. And this will also be less effort on our part instead of having to work everything out ourselves from start to finish.

Craps dice control is a skill, but also have to consider outside factors that affect it.


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