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Gripping for Craps Dice Control

One of the keys to wining in craps is establishing a number point. This means repeating dice results on any of the following numbers: 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10. Learning craps dice control can help a lot in this, and control starts with right setting and gripping.

Remember that when we hit results such as 2, 3, 11, and 12, we break even. What we avoid is a 7. We can enhance our dice throws by controlling it a bit so that we come up with only the numbers we need for winning. The way we grip the dice in a hand is crucial. First we set the dice in the hand in such a way as to expose the number combination we want on the top. The most common format is the "V" form where the 3 face of each die is set on top. With this dice setting we gently close the hand into a light fist—something similar to holding in hand a spider we don't want to loose or hurt.

Another gripping method for craps dice control is making use of fingers instead of laying the dice in the center of our palm. Three fingers (forefinger, middle finger, and ring finger) touch the dice with the thumb supporting them at their base. The small finger is not involved here. Doing so would upset the balance and mess up the pitch of the throw. This grip is the most natural way of picking and holding two dice. When throwing make sure the back of our hand faces us and the wrist bent as we gently swing the dice just above the table.

Make sure not to merely slide the dice across the table. This is a foul throw in craps. Some tables are fitted with a thin metal string (like a guitar string) across the table to prevent slide throws. The throw should have a bouncing effect.

Another grip style uses the middle and ring fingers placed on the each die with the fore and small fingers keeping the dice's sides intact. The thumb provides the base support. This grip supports the dice on all sides and makes for a secure grip and throw. It is easier to maneuver a throw with this grip.

Then there's also the one finger and thumb grip. Any finger placed across the dice with thumb at the base. We should pick the craps dice control grip that suits our hand and finger control.


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