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The "Telekinesis" Play in Craps Dice Control

Three things are vital in craps dice control—the set, grip, and throw. A fourth is a quasi-telekinesis play used consciously or subconsciously.

Dice throwing should involve a mental play. It's like we put ourselves in the dice so that we "control" them even as they fly in the air and land and roll over on the table top until they stop. It also involves "commanding" the fingers, hands, and forearms to give the right force and execute the right delivery. This would be scoffed at by "scientific" craps analysts, but even the most scientific craps player unconsciously does this—though probably not seriously.

Some Psychology experts have suggested the incorporation of mental suggestions in athletics applied on the limbs involved in the execution of skills. The mind can tell what the limb should do and how it should endure. But this mental suggestion can go beyond the body and perform some kind of a telekinesis on the material used in the sport. For instance, golfers are told to put themselves "in the golf ball" to be able to direct it in mid air and have it land exactly where they want it to.

This telekinesis is not a main ingredient in the performance but a mere supplement to augment hard skills and endurance training. The same principle is said to work in other sports like archery, basketball, baseball, and the like. In craps games, the same is suggested of dice throwing. The idea says that we may tell how the limbs should perform and what force they should emit. We may also extend the suggestion to influence or control the dice as they travel across the table top.

In fact, almost every player does this consciously or subconsciously. Whether this has a direct effect on the dice or the limbs is not important. What is important is the apparent added skill quality that results due to the mental suggestion. But this should work together with the basics in craps dice control.

In summary, the set is the systematic arrangement of the dice in the hand. The grip is the selection of what hand parts are most suitable to hold and secure the dice. And the throw is the right forearm motion, the right lean, and the right release. And an added tip is that the launching of the dice pieces should be at about 45 degrees from the table top.

Craps dice control has a psychological factor that we can exploit for better performance.


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